Health history is a key component of our project. With comprehensive information on lifestyle, medical history, and environmental and socioeconomic factors, we can identify potential health risks and their causes.

Demographics and socio-economic data

Collecting information on age, gender, education, occupation, housing situation and socioeconomic status. These data allow us to assess the impact of social factors on health.

Health and medical history

Accurate information on past and present illnesses, treatments, hospitalizations, medications used, and family health history. This section helps identify risk factors and predisposition to chronic diseases.


Questions about diet, physical activity, psychoactive substance use (e.g. tobacco, alcohol), sleep and hygiene. Analysis of this data allows us to identify health and risk behaviors that affect overall health and well-being.

Mental and emotional state

Mental health assessment, including the presence of stress, depressive or anxiety symptoms. Understanding the impact of mental health on physical well-being is important for a comprehensive health assessment.

Living and working environment

Information about potential exposures to harmful factors in the home and workplace, such as air pollution, noise, chemicals. This data is crucial for assessing health risks associated with the environment.

Muscle strength and physical activity analysis

Handshake, gait and fitness analysis


Comprehensive information on risk factors for the development of diseases

Body composition

DXA and bioimpedance


Ocular fundus, autorefractometry, tonometry, OCT


Advanced analysis of biological material

Imaging studies

Ultrasonography (ultrasound) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Respiratory system

Bodypletyzomgraphy and carbon monoxide in exhaled air

Circulatory system

Cardiac echo, ECG, ABI, PWV, Ergospirometry

Dental examinations

Full assessment of the condition of the teeth and oral hygiene