Respiratory system

We pay special attention to the examination of the respiratory system to comprehensively assess its functioning and potential disorders. These tests include bodyplethysmography and analysis of carbon monoxide in exhaled air.


Bodyplethysmography is an advanced examination of the lungs that allows a detailed assessment of their function. It uses air pressure in a specially designed sealed cabin to measure lung volume and airway resistance. During the test, the participant sits in a booth and breathes through a mouthpiece, which allows the recording of various parameters such as total lung capacity, vital capacity, backflow volume, and indices of lung elasticity and airway resistance. It is a non-invasive, non-painful test that provides important information about the health of the lungs, including their ability to fill properly with air and the efficiency of exhalation.

Carbon monoxide

A carbon monoxide analysis of exhaled air is a simple but very valuable test to assess the level of exposure to tobacco smoke and the ability of the lungs to exchange gas. Carbon monoxide (CO), a product of incomplete combustion, is harmful to health, and its elevated concentration in exhaled air may indicate lung disorders or chronic exposure to tobacco smoke. The test uses specialized equipment to analyze exhaled air samples for carbon monoxide, allowing early detection of potential respiratory problems and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment or lifestyle changes related to smoking.

Muscle strength and physical activity analysis

Handshake, gait and fitness analysis


Comprehensive information on risk factors for the development of diseases

Body composition

DXA and bioimpedance


Ocular fundus, autorefractometry, tonometry, OCT


Advanced analysis of biological material

Imaging studies

Ultrasonography (ultrasound) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Respiratory system

Bodypletyzomgraphy and carbon monoxide in exhaled air

Circulatory system

Cardiac echo, ECG, ABI, PWV, Ergospirometry

Dental examinations

Full assessment of the condition of the teeth and oral hygiene