The project

Bialystok PLUS is a cohort study designed to identify novel risk factors for lifestyle diseases. It is very unique due to multidisciplinary approach – we investigate wide spectrum of biological, social, emotional and environmental factors. This is the only such study in Poland and one of the few worldwide.

The combination of imaging, functional, biochemical and molecular tests in the innovative study will help to find new ways to prevent chronic diseases, promote a healthy lifestyle and improve the organisation of healthcare. It will allow to discover new methods of early disease detection or even to predict the conditions that may affect the population in the future.

Ten thousand citizens of Białystok aged between 20 and 80 will be randomly selected to participate in Bialystok PLUS study. They will then undergo non-invasive tests every five years. Participants will be assessed on the basis of detailed medical history and more than thirty specialist examinations, including ultrasound scans of various organs, spirometry, fundus photography or MRI, as well as biochemical tests and dental exams.